We love helping other companies to develop their VR ideas. What follows is a collection of the latest projects MefistoFiles has been involved with. Please note that some of our jobs are still under NDA or unreleased; this section will be updated as soon as we can talk about them.


Gorillaz x G-Shock Interview

Helped Gorillaz with their interview with Mr. Ebi, G-Shock CEO, as they return from their space mission.

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Da Vinci “Los Rostros del Genio”

Commissioned work for an exposition about Leonardo da Vinci happening at the Spanish National Library. The app merges seamlessly video and 3D content to create an Augmented Reality experience that fully integrates the visitors’ faces in different muscle layouts from realistic to hand drawn.

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Spatial First

Creation of the technology that fuses exterior and interior maps

in order to showcase properties and navigate them in a natural way thanks to Augmented Reality.

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Looking Glass VR

Looking Glass VR is a mobile VR based 3D photo viewer which brings hundreds of historic 3D photos from around the world into focus.
Platform: GearVR

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VR Regatta

VR Regatta is a virtual reality sailing experience for people of all ages. It’s for sailors of all sailing experience levels.
Platforms: HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

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Naff Naff

Naff Naff is a travel app that takes to you the most interesting places in the world thanks to a huge and dynamic collection of 360° images and data.
Platforms: Daydream and GearVR