The Augmented Agenda

Augmented Reality is probably one of the most eye-catching technologies nowadays. I still remember how I started to dream about it years before it became an emerging technology. Much time later I was able to do a complete dissertation about it (I will talk about this in another section).

My very first try with AR supposed the creation of a weird idea I had long time ago: some day AR and social networks will work completely together and people will be able to see personal information about me just pointing at me with their phones. This terrible future is too close and I decided it was possible to create an App that explains the idea.

My little experiment puts together AR and social information in an Augmented Agenda. Created for bada phones (C++), the app is capable of detecting faces of your contacts and show their names, mobile phones or e-mails. It also includes a drawing program to create masks for the faces, so you can easily remember who is each person by enhancing their image with funny glasses (or hats, or scars…). It is very useful to recognize those people you met long time ago and whose names you can’t remember without the embarrassment of asking.