Augmented Reality System

After 5 years studying it comes time for the dissertation. You can choose one of the many subjects proposed by the professors , but I decided to go on my own creating a whole augmented reality system.

The original idea consisted in a program that should work in open environments, without markers, trying to naturally fuse the virtual and the real world. In fact those “open environments” were a problem, because giving the user so much freedom can result in  low performance visualization when using a smartphone. This was the key point and I wanted to success where other programs such as Layar (poor integration) or AiRaid (lack of freedom) failed.

The system was developed trough a year using C++ and OpenGL for bada smartphones and integrates some new ideas that makes it excel over other AR systems:


  • Efficient usage of sensors to obtain a sound registration. This allows the program to work faster in open environments and to avoid possible measurement errors faster.
  • Real lightning system. Using GPS-based weather information and sun tracking algorithms in order to get a realistic integration.
  • GPS Hybrid. The system can respond correctly even in extreme scenarios, where no accurate GPS data is given, thanks to the advanced pedometer developed.
  • Game’s logic integration made easy. Programming an augmented video-game is really easy thanks to the well designed system architecture.